They call him the MacGyver of Philex Mill Division, the Master, the Legend. Sir Gerardo Malaluan  was hired way back March 5, 1981 and retired just recently. He was re-hired by Philex as a consultant for the Mill Division. At 60 years old and with 35 solid years of service, he has gained knowledge and mastery of every Mill equipment, I mean every detail of every part of every Mill machinery. If you think he is a traditional engineer  who  is only familiar with old technology equipment, well you’re wrong. He is very much updated of new designs, new innovations and breakthroughs of materials and engineered products. He never stopped learning and reading. Indeed, successful people continually educates themselves and creates a bullet proof wisdom and skills that pay dividends in the future. Sir Gerry  has the ability to expand his mind. His career is highlighted by accomplishments wherein no one believes will be achieved, not even the technical experts from leading countries of mining industry (i.e. Australia). He embodies the moonshot thinking. Most business partners and suppliers who offer new products even learn from him new principles of their own products during the discussion. Philex Mill engineers, specifically Mechanical Engineers, have benefitted greatly to the knowledge continually being imparted by “the Master, Gerry Malaluan”.

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He was never selfish, he is more than willing to teach young engineers more than what they are asking for. By continually sharing his technical knowledge and experiences, he mastered his work, indeed “Sharing is Learning”. He then contributed vastly to the equipment and process efficiency, cost reduction, productivity improvement and implemented numerous projects that impressively  developed the Philex Mill to its current status.

Listed below are few examples  of Sir Gerry’s accomplishments:

  1. Implemented Php3M annual savings through upgrade of WEMCO 164 v-belt drive
  2. Saved millions of pesos by performing in-house installation of  Ball Mill plumber block bearings and Flange hub instead of contracting it outside
  3. Revision of BM#2 bearing insert width which costs only Php250K compared to Php1.2M when done by experts outside.
  4. Re-splicing of 500HP motor shafting instead of throwing it as scrap. Achieved almost same reliability as brand new shafting
  5. Upgrade of water pump bearings from #6212 to #3314 and greatly reduced replacement frequency, thus improved availability
  6. Re-used BM clutch friction shoes instead of throwing it as scrap.
  7. Upgraded Conveyor  drive reducers and improve reliability and availability
  8. Upgraded various Overhead Crane capacities and installed cranes to remote areas which improved maintenance activities.
  9. Improved Drum Filter efficiency through upgrading of trunnion and branch pipes from sch40 to sch80
  10. Improved water recovery through 250Ft rake drive re-speeding
  11. Initiated the local fabrication of Vibrating screens’ drive shafts and water pumps’ impellers instead of buying abroad to save large amount.

Definitely, we could draw strength and inspiration from the achievements of Sir Gerry Malaluan. To all Mill employees, remember that success doesn’t come to you, you go to it.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Teddy Roosevelt

You must not let your life run in the ordinary way; do something that nobody else has done, something that will dazzle the world. Show that God’s creative principle works in you.
Paramahansa Yogananda

By: Jomel Kawi

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