SLU Industrial Engineering Students’ PROJECT STUDY

Philex Mining Corporation, with its aim to raise awareness to the community, has opened its door to young minds who desired to understand some parts of our operation.

A group of enthusiastic Industrial Engineering Students from Saint Louis University has conducted a project study at Poro Point Installation (PPI), San Fernando, La Union.  The project basically focused on the efficiency and effectiveness of our facilities at PPI. The goals of their facilities layout design, planning and application are to (1) maintain smooth process flow, (2) reduce dead space, (3) facilitate smooth product movement, (4) promote safety and comfort for workers, (5) adapt for future expansion / extension, and (6) reduce waste (spillage and diesel consumption).

The students composed of Karl Jones Antalan, Jiheum Park, Marie Fhalin del Rosario, Marinela Garcia, Shennen Grace Molina and Jessa Bautista (or more famously known as Team Kimchie) presented their researched designs to improve layout that will minimize the distances traveled by materials such as copper concentrate and chemicals while maximizing the distance between the Dryer and Indent Bodegas; and maximizing the use of assigned lot space in order to contain at least 5,500 metric tons of copper concentrate without exceeding the given lot size of 44,000 sqm considering that the location of the scale house and main conveyor are fixed and the bodegas leased by Wilhemsen Smith Bell for OceanaGold and the residential area should be excluded.

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Various recommendations from the students were discussed and were examined closely and thoroughly. Some are feasible but some are yet to be further scrutinized as it will entail costs and major re-layouts.

We, Engr. Jomel Kawi (ME), Engr. Janah Cawaon (ME) together with the presentors’ adviser Engr. Ma. Corazon Ocampo (IE, MSME), were part of the thesis defence panel and indeed, it was a great experience. We have shared our knowledge of  Philex operations to these young and soon to be Industrial Engineers but at the same time, we also learned from them. It was a reminder that we should always look for improvement in our areas even how minimal it may seem. Sometimes, the smallest change we do can have the biggest impact.

Life is indeed a continuous learning process; a person moves on a higher level of maturity in every experience and every lesson learned from those experiences.


By: Janah Leah B. Cawaon & Jomel J. Kawi



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