TRAININGS – Harness individual’s potential

Training is the backbone of workplace success, safety, and performance. Participating in training could be crucial for both employees and managers. This could mean time away from work and waste of resources. However, one could not conceal the advantages of trainings and workshops for both employees and managers. Trainings could ensure competitive edge among others, improves productivity, promote team player attitudes, and creates opportunities for career development and personal growth, factors that are all important in retaining workers.

Philex Mining Corporation is one of the organizations whom believes and pushes the needs of such trainings. Philex has been generous in providing a number of both in-housed and outsourced trainings. Few of these are Problem Solving and Decision Making (PSDM), Behavioral-based Safety (BBS), Basic/Mine Occupational, Safety and Health (BOSH/MOSH), Fire-Fighting, Basic First Aid, Leadership Programs and other Technology advancement related Seminars.

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These trainings are participated by managers, supervisors and rank-and-files. Though these trainings have different objectives from others, they aim for one purpose, that is, to create, promote and foster an organizational environment that values development, diversity and growth opportunities for all employees.

Apart from the trainings mentioned above, Philex also provides On-the-Job trainings and plant tours to cater individuals who wish for an exposure to mine life and processes. Philex’s doors are open to individuals outside Philex community: non-employees, students, other professionals.

All these trainings have enabled us to learn and enjoy from the experience. One of the trainings Philex have bestowed upon me, which I am most thankful for was my On-the-Job training dated last April to May of 2012.

This training was my first glimpse and first exposure to mining operation in a world-class company. Our books may have built our foundation for Metallurgy, but the actual experience made us appreciate the course and gave us opportunity to validate our institute earned wisdom.

Philex has already given me an opportunity to learn long before I earned my degree and profession, and even before I joined the company. Now, I believe, Philex will continually seek and provide not just me but all of us with trainings that may improve and/or contribute to our career and personal endeavors.

Before, I was just one of the trainees and I can’t hide the admiration and appreciation for the whole organization of Philex, I found them contented, humble and hardworking. Now, I take part with the organization that others regard as a responsible mining company, I enjoy all the benefits Philex generously gives to its employees and lastly, I can now mentor and impart my knowledge for those aspiring professionals/On-the-Job trainees (I was once before).

By: KLD Sales



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