The Productivity Improvement Program (PIP) is a proven, structured process that takes us the whole way from our needs to an implemented solution. The length of the process depends on the project. The PIP can be done on a single equipment, a process chain or a complete plant. All levels are involved, regardless of whether you are an operator, mechanic, supervisor,  manager, or executive officer. We should work closely together, review our needs and find solutions using a four-step process:

  1. Survey: We should identify bottlenecks and areas of improvement and compile data, largely by way of observations and existing documentation. Let us present the results and seek management approval.
  2. Recommend: After we analyze the survey results, let us then propose alternative solutions for increased productivity and lower costs in targeted areas.
  3. Validate: We test and verify the preferred solutions with concerned production staffs. We then accomplish comprehensive report as a basis for our decision on whether to implement the suggestions.
  4. Implement: With proper coordination, we can create a detailed plan on how to proceed, including instructions on who does what and when, what investments are needed, and how the roll-out procedure should be carried out. Make periodic follow up to make sure that the improvements work as intended.

There you go, may I now encourage all Mill personnel to participate in this program. Hope to hear from you!

By: Jomel



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