To be an effective leader, you must be a great teacher. Employees want leaders that are mindful of their needs, have their backs and trust themselves enough to share the momentum of their success.

Indeed, leadership is about teaching: sharing key insights and know-how and giving employees access to critical experiences that will smoothen their career path and enable them to build influential relationships.

Responsible leaders make sure their employees are never blindsided.  They provide them with the tools and access to the resources they need to anticipate the unexpected.

Some Mill employees exist within our organization without understanding their existence in it. There is a reason they are hired by the company and it is not just because of their ability to perform a job. Let us guide and teach them navigate the Mill Division as a whole.

Just as a teacher leads the classroom, you must teach those you lead in the Mill plant. Your goal as a leader is to create other leaders who will eventually help us in the overall success of our operations.




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