Mill has established few years ago its own Flag Ceremony every Monday morning at the Mill Complex ground.  The reason behind this move for Mill, aside from paying respect to our country’s most cherished symbol, is to also use this event for information dissemination for safety information, production performances, giving out inspirational messages, motivational talks, important announcements from the company, the labor unions, and other organizations which have relation to Mill employees.

One unique set-up for Mill Division’s flag ceremony is the variety of speakers. We see to it that we assign different personnel to hold the microphone in front of the group every scheduled Flag Ceremony.

You may wonder why we still bother to encourage (or force, most of the time) a rank&file or supervisor or even manager to speak in front of the Mill public. Most of us probably do not like speaking in public. In fact, public  speaking is more feared by many people than death itself. Yes, I researched it and found it to be true.

Engr. Milton Agyao, Mill Division Manager, pushes every Mill employee to speak in front during Flag Ceremonies and other group meetings mainly to build confidence in both their professional and personal lives.

Although you may be nervous before giving your first speech, you will feel a sense of accomplishment (along with a sense of relief) when it is done. Even just reading the production highlights or announcing something important, it will further bolster your confidence because you imparted something with value to the public.

If you continue to give speeches, your oral communication skills will improve. As your skills improve, you will begin to feel more comfortable (and confident) in your ability to speak well.

Another advantage when we force, I mean, when we encourage a speaker to deliver an inspirational message, his/her research skills improves as well. To make a successful public presentation, you need to research your topic thoroughly. You will learn where to find information you need.

One last advantage I see for our employees who have the courage to speak in front, is the ability to easily assume leadership in a group, or to readily talk for themselves.

Mill employees are encouraged to speak their minds and contribute to improvements. Most can’t express themselves most of the time. And with this, the opportunity to get wonderful ideas from employees is being hindered.

Eventually, the ultimate goal of  having different Mill employees speak during Flag Ceremony is for the Mill Division to harness open and effective communications on both ends of the equation. When our people have confidence in them and mix it with commitment, training and opportunities, we will soon harvest the benefits in our production and safety performances.

So the next time you are assigned to speak and share your ideas in front of our team, don’t hesitate to grab that opportunity and build your self-confidence.

Thank you!

Jomel Kawi



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